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8 February

posted 2 Mar 2015, 12:57 by Whitby Riding Club
We had our committee meeting last week and we have voted on three new rules to try and make booking in easier for everyone and make sure we have full events rather than full waiting lists:
  1. Booking in for each event will open 1 calendar month before the event unless otherwise stated. If you contact the organiser before then we wont book you in and you'll have to do it again
  2. You must pay within 24 hours of booking in (unless by special arrangement with the organiser). If you don't pay within 24 hours, your place wont be held and will be passed to the next person
  3. You must cancel within 7 days of the event to get a refund unless we find a replacement for you or there are very special circumstances - this gives us more time to replace people and avoid empty lessons
We really hope you don't find these new rules too cumbersome, we love that everyone is joining in and having a good time but we spend hours dealing with booking in, taking payment, canceling, refunding payment, finding someone off the waiting list, rejigging the lessons ... you get the picture. And I know I always say it, but please use the contact details provided, not facebook or whatever!