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This page includes the important bits from the WRC Updates we send out by email to members every few weeks. 

2 March

posted 2 Mar 2015, 13:00 by Whitby Riding Club   [ updated 2 Mar 2015, 13:05 ]

A few people have alerted me that they aren't getting my emails -  sometimes it's my fault, sometimes their address was typed wrong etc. If you know someone who's in riding club, ask them if they get my email updates and tell them to get in touch if not! I try to add the important emails to the news section of the website so you can check there too.

We have made the entries for Area 4 Combined Training on 15 March - please could the participants pay online. Looking forward to it! 

Places are still available on our polework lessons on 10 March at the Unicorn Centre and the Dressage to Music Intro session the following week at Anne Marie Perry's. See the website for details. Everyone is welcome, no matter what level you're at - just sign up :)

I've been asked to tell you about an event Harewood Combined Training Group are running at Breckonbrough on 14 March. 

23 February

posted 2 Mar 2015, 12:58 by Whitby Riding Club   [ updated 2 Mar 2015, 13:05 ]

We have arranged some introduction to dressage to music sessions with Anne Marie Perry at her yard in Elwick on the afternoon of 19 March*. Lessons will be in pairs  for 45 minutes and be £20 each. Booking in details are on the website. Depending on how the people who sign up want to run it, we'll do an introduction first at 12 noon, followed by lessons, or we'll do a short introduction at the beginning of each session.

It's not too late to sign up for the pub quiz either! I can match people into teams of you're worried about coming on your own - great way to meet other riding clubbers! 

*yep, it's a Thursday afternoon in Elwick. Hopefully we'll be able to build on this and get some nearer to home in due course but it's a good starting point! 

8 February

posted 2 Mar 2015, 12:57 by Whitby Riding Club

We had our committee meeting last week and we have voted on three new rules to try and make booking in easier for everyone and make sure we have full events rather than full waiting lists:
  1. Booking in for each event will open 1 calendar month before the event unless otherwise stated. If you contact the organiser before then we wont book you in and you'll have to do it again
  2. You must pay within 24 hours of booking in (unless by special arrangement with the organiser). If you don't pay within 24 hours, your place wont be held and will be passed to the next person
  3. You must cancel within 7 days of the event to get a refund unless we find a replacement for you or there are very special circumstances - this gives us more time to replace people and avoid empty lessons
We really hope you don't find these new rules too cumbersome, we love that everyone is joining in and having a good time but we spend hours dealing with booking in, taking payment, canceling, refunding payment, finding someone off the waiting list, rejigging the lessons ... you get the picture. And I know I always say it, but please use the contact details provided, not facebook or whatever! 

4 February

posted 2 Mar 2015, 12:54 by Whitby Riding Club

I seem to have had loads to tell you about this week! First thing is I've had word that your membership cards have been issued by BRC HQ so you should get them in the post soon. 

Area 4

Area 4 qualifiers are where we compete against other Yorkshire riding clubs for a chance to go to national riding clubs competitions. Anyone who wants to compete can as long as we're confident you'll be able to complete the course. We don't ask or chase people to take part - if you fancy having a go, just contact Bridget.

I've just added details of two Area Comps to the website - the Combined Training (dressage and show jumping) on 15 March At Richmond and Show Cross (SJ and XC) on 18 April at Epworth. Have a look and get in touch with Bridget if you're interested in having a go. 

The only rules are: 
  • You must pay before entries go in
  • You must be prepared to travel to the championships if your team qualify
  • All your horse's vaccinations must be up to date and have a full, correct history - we'll check this before making entries
  • Your equipment and tack must be 'legal' for Riding Club comps - if you use anything that's even slightly out of the ordinary please let Bridget know so she can check the rule book
We have a committee meeting tomorrow so you might get another email after that! 

2 February

posted 2 Mar 2015, 12:52 by Whitby Riding Club

The annual WRC pub quiz will be at the Marine in Saltburn on Friday 27 Feb 2015 - the first round will begin at 7pm (or shortly after). The entry fee is £5 a person and includes a pie and pea supper (vegetarian option available). Teams can be up to four people with at least one WRC member per team - if you'd like to join a team let me know when you buy your ticket and I'll try and match people up. 14-18 year olds inc junior members are welcome as long as they're with a responsible adult (or at least, an adult who's responsible for them...).

I set the questions - they cover a wide range of topics with a loosely equestrian theme. There's something for everyone and there's a cash prize! 

I've added a payment button to the website - when you click on it you'll be able to increase the number of tickets you want to buy. Tickets are limited (cos last year we ran out of pies...). No need to book in, just buy your tickets. Add vegetarian numbers to the 'special instructions to seller' box.

30 January

posted 2 Mar 2015, 12:51 by Whitby Riding Club

Thing 1 - pub quiz now confirmed as 27 Feb. Booking in details coming soon.
Thing 2 - we love hearing from you all but there are now 90 very active members and it's becoming hard work to keep on top of things - PLEASE be kind to our organisers and follow these points:
  • Use the contact details provided to book in, even if you know us personally - face to face, facebook etc all rely on us remembering and we are all spinning a lot of plates
  • Be clear about exactly what you want to book for
  • Keep it brief and to the point
  • Avoid cancelling if you can, especially at the last minute - if you've booked in, it's a commitment to come and you not coming all involves Jenny Lisa and I in extra work which makes us sad (and a bit crazy)  
I really want to avoid saying all payments are non-refundable and making you find your own replacements if you cancel, but that's our next step.
Sorry for moaning - I hate doing it, but better to say it now than lose our amazing organisers because they are fed up but too polite to say!

19 January

posted 19 Jan 2015, 14:05 by Whitby Riding Club   [ updated 19 Jan 2015, 14:05 ]

I've sent off all your details to British Riding Club's HQ, you should get your membership cards and Rider Magazine through the post soon. Lovely to see lots of new and old faces at the Post Christmas Meal, I had a really lovely evening!

We rescheduled last week's Tuesday night at the Unicorn Centre due to the rubbish weather. The lesson will now take place on the evening of the 20th and we have a couple of spaces left due to people not being able to make the rescheduled date. 

If you'd like to go on a flatwork lesson at the Unicorn Centre on 20 January, please contact Lisa on 07837196483.

On the subject of booking in, please make things as easy as you can for the organisers! Remember to book in using the contact details given on the website, otherwise we get very confused. Also, we know things always crop up, but we're getting lots of bookings in followed by cancellations - please only book in if you really want to come and only cancel if you really have to. All the organisers work, have horses, have other commitments, sometimes sleep and we need to keep them smiling!

HOWEVER, we have good news! Please mark the following dates in your diary (although we're not opening booking in for them quite yet)
  • Last week in February will be our Pub Quiz - exact date to be confirmed
  • Wednesday 25th March - will be an introductory talk on Endurance Riding at the Fox in Roxby, followed by two endurance training days in the last week of April
  • Saturday 16 May - bus trip to Chatsworth (bring a friend)
  • Saturday 1 August - bus trip to Burgham Horse Trials (bring a friend)
Think that's all for now ... I know I have a few refunds to do and PayPal things to sort out. I'll do them shortly - let me know if I miss you!

Oh, in case I don't send another email before then, good luck to the show jumping team (Claire, Zoe, Christine and Vicky) competing at Bishop Burton at the end of the month. GO TEAM WHITBY!


4 January 2015

posted 7 Jan 2015, 17:00 by Whitby Riding Club   [ updated 7 Jan 2015, 17:00 ]

Welcome to all our new members who are getting this WRC update for the first time! 

Lessons are filling up well in advance at the moment, so get booked in if you'd like to come. If you haven't got a space, it usually gets less busy as the year goes on and you can ask the organiser to contact you of there are any cancellations. Jenny, Lisa and I met lots of new and old (you know what I mean!) members at Upsall on Saturday, which was great! 

Some of you may have noticed that the cost of Saturday morning rallies has gone down to £10 - we hope we'll be able to maintain this price, it'll be fine as long as we fill the lessons! The downside is that the cost of the Unicorn Centre lessons has gone up to £10 as the club usually makes quite a loss on these. 

From March onwards, we'll be using outdoor schools (we're always interested in hearing about new ones to hire) so the costs should be lower again.

Think that's all for now ... don't forget about the Christmas Meal :) 

1 January 2015

posted 7 Jan 2015, 16:58 by Whitby Riding Club   [ updated 7 Jan 2015, 16:59 ]

Welcome to any new members who are reading this WRC Update - I know lots of you have booked in to events and are getting into the swing of things. I still intend to write a short guide to WRC, but until then, if you have any questions, just ask. Also, if you have any suggestions for instructors, venues, activities etc, just let us know! 

Christmas Meal - 15 January
This is a great event to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. This year we are going to the Fox and Hounds at Slapewath - family and friends of the club welcome too, just book them in when you do yours. We need to know menu choices and have deposits by 7 January please. I've attached the menu to this email for you! Some of you have paid but not told Jenny your menu choices, and vice versa - please could you do the one you haven't done! 

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