Regional and National Competitions 

British Riding Clubs organise numerous competitions for individuals and teams from different clubs to compete against each other. These include show jumping, dressage, dressage to music (including quadrille), combined training and show cross. Clubs in each Area compete against each other at for places at the national finals. We are in Area 2.

All Whitby members are welcome to take part in area qualifiers on the club's behalf, either as an individual or as part of a team. We are a small riding club and usually everyone who wants to be part of a team can be part of a team, as there are opportunities to compete at all levels and all disciplines. All we ask is: 
  • You and your equine must be eligible for the competition 
  • Your equine must have up to date vaccinations 
  • You are confident and comfortable competing at the relevant level
  • You must be available to go to the championship if you qualify 
We organise team training in the run up to qualifiers - this helps you get to know your team mates, polish your performance and understand what the required standard is. 

If you're interested in representing the club at area and national level, please contact Vicky Sivills, our Area 4 Co-ordinator for more details. All opportunities will appear on the calendar and be advertised by email. The dates and venues for this year's Area Qualifiers are listed below. 

Useful links 

Use this link to check your vaccinations 
Vaccinations Checker 

Use this link to view the BRC Rule book for eligibility, classes and tack and dress rules BRC Handbook

Use this link to view the BRC Area 2 website